Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Kaden's Birthday

Hello Everyone - Sorry I haven't posted anything over the last few days but I will be posting more cards this week.  This is a digital card made with Serif's Craft Artist.  Now and then I have a play with this software - it is so good and they have just brought out a new updated version with more crafty features.  This card was made for my grandson, Kaden - his birthday is next week so I hope he isn't reading my blog!
Bye  for now
love lilygee xxx


Gulden Udaiyan said...

Wow this is a really cute card. I love the tree in the card and the yummy cake. Happy birthday kaden. Look forward to seeing some more cards on here. Love gilly xx

Nesexgursoy Marshall said...

I really like this card, it is lovely and also shows my gorgeous nephew. It is a lovely card...just shows how versatile you can be lilygee with all your designs. Thanks...can't wait to see whats next. Come on everyone comment on these amazing cards!!! x