Thursday, 6 September 2012

Fairy Fantasy

Another Fairy Card made with 'Lavinia Stamps' and brayered - I have many of them but this will probably be the last for a while unless someone requests more.  Sorry I haven't given you any details about myself yet but this is a brand new blog - less than two weeks old and I am adding to it every day and will be completing my profile either today or tomorrow and telling you all a bit about myself.  I would so appreciate some comments if you have the time - you need to have a Google account and then you can comment.  I will be offering some blog candy when I reach 50 followers so please do give me some feedback.  I plan to post a variety of cards and don't be surprised at my sudden change of styles; I tend to change  styles and like trying new things.  Hope you enjoy these posts.
Lots of love lilygee xxx

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