Monday, 21 January 2013

Cuckoo Tutorial Part 2

Good Morning

If you're snowed in why not have a go at making my cuckoo creation - here is the second part of the tutorial following on from yesterday.

Coat your cut pieces AND cut and embossed pieces with the clear medium of your choice and stick them together making sure the embossed piece is on top.

Here are the pieces you should now have.  Coat the black decorative oval with some medium to give it a shine.

Stick your embossed patterned paper to the plain white card - it is better to use cosmic shimmer pva here so that you can line the pieces up more comfortably.

Now you need to layer your pieces.

Take the plain oval and cut it in two as in the picture.

Stick these to your base using double sided tape.

Now add the lattice borders to the sides of the base and cut off the overlap at the edges  of the base.

Now add the other two lattice borders to the top and bottom of the base making sure they are central.

Fold the excess around the sides carefully.

Secure the folded pieces with double sided tape.  If you wish you can add a layer of card at the back to make these more secure and to hide the untidy tape.

Now add your layers and the cuckoo clock centrally.

Cut yourself some scraps of coloured felt and make some rolled roses.  Take a couple of cocktail sticks, paint or distress them, add some stickles for sparkle and add a bead to the end of the stick.  Add some beads to the centres of the roses; the best way to do this is to use a glue gun so you can push the bead very firmly down into the centre of the rolled flower.

Add your flowers, embellishments and a ribbon as in the picture. 

Here are some more close ups and pictures of my cat Elmaz making sure I have done everything correctly!! She's the boss - purrrr.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial - bye from Elmaz and myself for now and see you again soon.  Have a good day.
Lol lilygee


Gulden Udaiyan said...

This is a very informative and detailed tutorial. Its very clear and easy to follow. I especially like elmaz in the pictures she is very cute. Thanks for a great tutorial and a great card. Love gilly xxxx

Ria Gall said...

Hi Lilygee
What fantastic and clear instructions on this tutorial it is so clear and easy for anyone to follow. Because of your make and how different you have made these dies look I really want to get my hands on the dies.

Nesexgursoy Marshall said...

Thanks for a beautiful card and clear and easy to follow project. Say Hi to Elmaz x